The Craig Law Firm Fights for Your Rights and Your Freedom

The Craig Law Firm provides professional, friendly and compassionate legal defense to adults and minors charged with a crime in East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Livingston parishes. Not only will we aggressively defend your rights in court; we will also walk you through the legal process, so you can be comfortable and confident in your defense.

How Does the Criminal Justice System Work?

This is where the process starts. Once you’re arrested, booked and charged with a crime, you begin to move through the criminal justice system. During this stage, you should call The Craig Law Firm right away.

Your arraignment is the first time you will appear in court. This stage includes bail decisions and identifying you and the charges against you. We can help you through this by arguing for bail reductions and asserting your defense.

During the trial, your criminal defense lawyer will argue your case and if needed, present evidence on your behalf. The prosecution will also make their case, and a jury will move for conviction or acquittal of the charges.

If you are convicted, the presiding judge will issue your sentence. We will still be in your corner if you are convicted, fighting for a reduced sentence and helping you understand the consequences you’re facing.


Choose the Right Criminal Defense Law Firm

What can I expect when I call you?

When you call The Craig Law Firm, you will talk to your lawyer. You won’t be pushed off on a paralegal or left on the back burner. We take your case seriously, and we will start working to build your defense as soon as you call us.

Will I know what’s going on with my case?

Yes. Every step of the way, your lawyer will be in your corner. He will keep you informed as your case progresses and work with you to decide how to proceed. He can also help you understand your legal options.

Do you focus exclusively on cases like mine?

The Craig Law Firm is completely devoted to criminal defense. We handle cases like yours every day, fighting for our clients’ rights. We use our criminal defense experience to help you put this charge behind you.